P. Meier

Patrick Meier

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Hey, my name is Patrick and i started forex trading back in 2009. I was more a gambler than a professional trader with emotions and probably not the right money management. It doesn’t work well in long term, so i started to learn how to code the application programming interface of well known trading platforms to automate my tasks and trading rules with the advantage of backtesting them for profitability. I read and also tried to automate a lot of manual trading strategies that should be profitable, but without success. I began to start my own research till I become expert in the best possible way of probability calculation.


  • IT-Specialist for Systemintegration
  • Network Administration
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Google Digital Marketing Certification


Trading Systems Development
Trading Strategy Consulting
Sales Management
Video-, Graphic- & Webdesign